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Trend Mook - “VIRTUOUS”

50 €

Beyond the fair, Trend Mook is an essential tool to understand the ways of the consumer and to find inspiration for your business. 
In this first and eminently “Virtuous” issue, you’ll discover some delightful, new, eco-friendly materials, a selection of key products and an analysis of a new and demanding consumer profile: “the aspirational class”.

Design NellyRodi, DA: deValence. Limited print run of 3000 copies.

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Trend Mook "Excuse my French!"

50 €

The Trend Mook demystifies, analyses and explores the emerging territories of creation and innovation.

“Excuse my French!” is set to become the indispensable guide to help you discover all there is to know about France’s new design and decoration ecosystem. Inside: a road trip that visits the new topography of creation in France, a close up of what’s going on in some small and very inventive design companies, a review of those classics that designers have revisited with humour and some totally new experiences that we have the innovative French tech sector to thank for. Not forgetting a spotlight on the keys to understanding new trends, together with a selection of products and must-know brands.

Design NellyRodi, DA: deValence. Limited print run of 3000 copies.

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MAISON&OBJET catalogue - September 2019

23 €

The directory of all the professionals present at the trade show: a true work tool.

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